3 min readMay 9, 2021

New CryptoCurrency BioTech Tokens helping Technology Start-Ups Secure Funding in a innovative way!

What are Biotech Tokens [Advance Technology Blockchain Crowdfunding Community]?

Biotech Tokens are a Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Community, that provides Advance Technology, Advance Medicine, & Blockchain Companies Crypto Grants in order to Promote the Next Wave of Emerging Technology Worldwide! The Goal of BIOTECH Tokens is simple; we give high-risk industries an innovative way to fund major research, projects, & development through a periodic series of crypto grants. All innovative companies no matter the revenue, credit history, wealth, or collateral have the opportunities to apply for funding, pay the application fee in BIOTECH & get listed to be voted by a peer-to-peer community of over 5K driven investors looking for the next emerging tech. This system promotes popularity, so innovative ideas stand out in comparison to others. We award 1 Innovative company 100 BIOTECH Currently worth over $50,000 USD. All companies listed will also receive periodic airdrops of BIOTECH Tokens. No more trying to get a bank loan for a company that has never made any revenue. At BIOTECH we promote ideas & furthermore we promote passionate entrepreneurs struggling to acquire funding through traditional means & not are willing to sacrifice significant equity to accomplish their dream.

Where can I store my Biotech Tokens?

Trust Wallet


BIOTECH Cold Storage App

How can I use Biotech Tokens?

Biotech Tokens have several utilities setting it apart from other cryptocurrencies. BIOTECH can be used to apply for funding, play games, make purchases, send decentralized messages, send files/links, accept payments, & store value due to a built in anti inflation system. Biotech Tokens HODLER can Earn over 5% APR just for keeping there tokens or Earn over 35% APR for Staking your Biotech Tokens to the Community. The Community can earn BIOTECH by creating content, developing services for the BIOTECH Ecosystem, & voting for listed projects.

How do I Join the BiotechTokens Tech Community?

How can I buy BioTech Tokens?

Buy Biotech with PayPal

Buy Biotech Tokens on The Decentralized Exchange [BIOTECH]

Buy Biotech with over 20 Cryptos just types in the dollar amount & pay with crypto.

What is Biotech Tokens Potential Market Capitalization.

Total Biotech Token Supply: 25,000,000 [Fixed Amount]

Total Token Available: 24,999,997 [Decreasing Amount]

Total Biotech Tokens in Circulation: 15.38160641 BIOTECH or BIOTEC

Biotech Tokens Current Spot Price:


Biotech Tokens Potential Market Capitalization:

$12,245,000,000 USD



Biotech Tokens are a Blockchain Backed Crowdfunding Community, that provides High Risk Advance Technology Companies Crypto Grants.