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2 min readNov 22, 2020


Biotech Tokens are a Waves Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Community, that provides Advance Technology, Advance Medicine, & Blockchain Companies Crypto Grants in order to Promote the Next Wave of Emerging Technology Worldwide!

The Goal of BIOTECH Tokens is to give high-risk industries an innovative way to fund major research, projects, & development through a periodic series of crypto grants.

All innovative companies no matter the revenue, size, credit history, wealth, or collateral have the opportunities to apply for funding, pay the application fee & get listed to be voted by a peer-to-peer community of driven investors looking for the next emerging tech. This system promotes popularity & innovation so great ideas stand out in comparison to others. We award 1 Innovative company 500 BIOTECH.

All companies listed will receive periodic airdrops of BIOTECH Tokens. The Top 36 Companies & Bottom 36 Companies will be listed on our website for FREE promotion.

No more trying to get a bank loan for a company that has never made any revenue. At BIOTECH we promote ideas & furthermore we promote passionate entrepreneurs struggling to acquire funding through traditional means & not are willing to sacrifice significant equity to accomplish their dream.

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Biotech Tokens are a Blockchain Backed Crowdfunding Community, that provides High Risk Advance Technology Companies Crypto Grants.